Cascata Nambrone

Cascata NambroneCascata Nambrone is an unofficial named waterfall located in Val Nambrone, in close proximity of Rifugio Nambrone, not far from Pinzola in the region Trentino – Alto Adige (Südtirol), Italy.

When driving from Madonna di Campiglio to Pinzola take the exit to Val Nambrone. The road is very narrow and in bad condition. You have to drive carefully until you reach Rifugio Nambrone and a big parking lot. Park the car left behind a big ugly building; no idea what is was. There is an information board at the trailhead.

Take the trail to the west and cross the river. There are small wooden signs. Directly at the trailhead you have your first photo moment. Although it is a small rapid, the colors in the river are astonishing. After taking some pictures go right after the bridge. In a few minutes time you will have a view on the big waterfall that I named cascata Nambrone.

The waterfall isn’t clearly visible but the best view you have from the trail a little right of cascata Nambrone. I tried to walk up at the waterfall to get a better view but I failed…. The total height of cascata Nambrone is somewhere near a 80 meter.

The shape of cascata Nambrone  looks like cascata Amola that is a few hundred further left. Walk further until you reach a wooden pedestrian bridge just in front of the waterfall. From the bridge you have a great view on the lower part of a 52 meter high waterfall. I think the waterfall is much higher then you can see.

I visited cascata Nambrone end of April 2019 and that was a little to early. Some parts of the trail were covered with snow. I must be honest this was the first sunshine a saw in the days that I was chasing waterfalls in Italy. 

I think later in the season, early summer, there is much more melting water in the river.

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About Cascata Nambrone

CountryWaterfalls in Italy
RegionTrentino - Alto Adige (Südtirol)
LocationVal Nambrone, Sant'Antonio di Mavignola, Pinzola
RiverX (Sarca di Nambrone)
Best visitEarly summer

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