Palfauer fälle

(Wasserlochklamm Palfau, Schleierfall)

The Palfauer fälle (Wasserlochklamm Palfau) is an impressive waterfall 4 kilometer east of Palfau in the region Steiermark, Austria. The Palfauer fälle is located in a gorge named Wasserlochklamm. From road 520 there is a restaurant and the entrance of the gorge. Via a bridge over the river Salza a trail leads into the Wasserlochklamm to the Palfauer fälle.

Actually there are five waterfalls in a row with a total height of 152 meters. The biggest one is a two tier fall of 67 meters called the Schleierfall. The Schleierfall is also a wide waterfall up to 65 meters. The trail leads along wooden bridges and several viewpoints to the source of the Wasserlochklamm in 90 minutes.

The volume of the watercourse is unpredictable: The source of water lies in a waterhole in the mountain. After the spring is filled the amount of water coming out is gigantic. This majestic spring cave creates a vault over a deep siphon lake which empties into the depths of the gorge at a speed of up to 5 cubic meters per second at irregular intervals and depending on the season and the weather. The water volume increases by up to a quarter within 15 minutes.

Large numbers of people have made their way to the top in the early morning and have waited patiently for hours, just to witness this amazing spectacle. The Palfauer Wasserloch has no predictable schedule. It is up to Mother Nature to decide when the floodgates open.

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