The Eikesdalen is not far away from Åndalsnes but it still takes a two hour drive over road 660/Fv191. First thing you will notice is the Eikesdalsvatnet which is fed by numerous rivers but you have to wait until arriving at the end of the lake. From here the waterfall experience can begin with several of the highest waterfall in the region More ogs Romsdal.

The Ramnåafossen is situated near Finnset and flows into the river Aura near the Litlevatnet. It is hard to tell how high the fall is but when surveying the map this must around 450 meters, maybe even higher. There is only  a part of the waterfall visible so it’s hard to verify if it should be higher.

After Finnset the unpaved road (Aursjøvegen) starts and adventure begins.You have to pay toll for this part of the road. The dirt road follows the river Aura which lead to the Aurstaupetfossen, from the road visible form a distance. There isn’t a real trail from the road to the fall but I have seen photo’s with another perspective then from the road.

When we drove on the Aursjøvegen we couldn’t see a thing because of the heavy fog, but I think there aren’t any waterfalls on the Aursjøvegen after the Aurstaupetfossen. On the other hand, between the Aurstaupetfossen and the Eikesdalsvatnet there are so many high waterfalls.

The most famous waterfall in the Eikesdalen is the Mardalsfossen. With a single drop of 250 meters and an overall height of 705 meters a must to see. Next to the Mardalsfossen is almost a similar watefall (in name), the Ytste Mardalsfossen with a height over 400 meters.
Other waterfalls nearby are the: AurstaupetfossenBreimegafossen, Hovlafossen,  Kjøtåafossen, Slaettabakken and the Tverrgrovafossen.

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About Ramnaafossen

RegionMøre og Romsdal
Best visitEarly summer-summer

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Tverrgrovafossen 2 km
Kjotaafossen 2 km
Hovlafossen 2 km
Breimegafossen 4 km
Slaettabekken 10 km