(Nedre Rändåfallet)

Rändåfallet is a waterfall west of Långå in the region Jämtland, Sweden.

When driving on road 84 from Långå to the Norwegian border (Røros) you see again a yellow sign with Långå, take the exit here. Park your car at the parking after 30 meter (gps 62.451452, 13.128578).

From the parking there is a trail running along the river going to Rändåfallet. It is less then 1 kilometer before you reach the first waterfalls.

Rändåfallet is a series of cascade with a total drop of appr. 60 meter in 1 kilometer. The waterfall looks really nice and are easy to reach.

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About Rändåfallet

LocationLångå, Härjedalen, Hede

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