(Rauðufossar, Rauðfoss)

Rauðufossar or Rauðfoss is a great waterfall in the South-center of Iceland at the foot of Rauðufossafjöll. The river Rauðufossakvísl drops down over 60 meters and creates a bridal veil of water with a light red colored background. Rauðufossar means red waterfall.

Rauðufossar is located along landmannaleið, a 4WD road that runs between road 26 and F208.  It is a 3 kilometer walk from the crossroads before going to Landmannahellir. Just follow the river up stream. Rauðufossar is visible, in a distance, from the roadside.

Landmannahellir is a tourist service and accommodation centre located in Friðland að fjallabaki (Fjallabak nature reserve) in the highlands of Iceland.

There are several nice waterfalls located in the center of Iceland: HnubbafossarHrauneyjafoss and several others.

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About Raudufossar

RegionSuðurland, Rangárvallasýsla
LocationHrauneyjafossstöð - Landmannahellir
Best visitSummer

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