Rinnerberger wasserfall

The Rinnerberger wasserfall is a scenic waterfall west of Leonstein in the region Oberösterreich, Austria.

The Rinnerberger wasserfall can be reached throughout an one hour walk starting in Leonstein. I prefer the walk from Furth, because it is a little bit shorter (20-30 minutes), although you have an ascent of 100 meter.

From Furth: start at the former Gasthaus Waldklause in the Pernzellerstrasse (gps 47.916935, 14.211967). Follow trail nr 25, there are signs. This is a 1,1 kilometer walk, ascending over 120 meter.

After visiting the Rinnerberger wasserfall it is also possible to walk further to the Rinnerberger klamm (a gorge). A roundtrip is possible and the trail is signed (roundtrip time 2 hours). More information about this walk can be found here.

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About Rinnerberger wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationFurth, Leonstein
Best visitEarly summer, after rainfall

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