Rötbach wasserfall

The Rötbach wasserfall is a waterfall at the Hamlet Kasern (Prettau), located in Valle Aurina, in the region Trentino – Alto Adige, Italy.

From Bruneck drive into Valle Aurina towards Prettau. Drive a little bit further until you reach berghotel Kasern. From here a trail starts to the south, crossing the river Aurino. Keep following the path and river Rötbach until you reach a viewpoint on the Rötbach wasserfall after 20-30 minutes.

The Rötbach wasserfall is being fed by melted snow and glacier water from several small glaciers at the east side of the valley around the mountain Merbspitz (3.090 m). There are several peaks higher then 3.000 meters and at the other side of the border in Austria you can find the bigger glaciers in National Park Hohe Tauern with some tremendous waterfalls.

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About Rötbach wasserfall

RegionTrentino - Alto Adige (Südtirol)
LocationKasern-Prettau-Valle Aurina (Bruneck)
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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