Rovijokfossen, also spelled Rovvejokfossen, is a waterfall in the Skibotndalen, directly along road E8, about 130 kilometer from Tromsø in the municipality Storfjord.

When we were chasing waterfalls, August 2018, the weather finally cleared up and we enjoyed driving in the Skibotndalen: very very beautiful. From Skibotn take the exit to road E8  follow the road for 18 kilometer. There is a big parking, but there wasn’t a sign for Rovijokfossen (gps 69.259547, 20.578652).

Rovijokfossen In Google maps the waterfall is called “Rovijoen putous”. Park the car and walk down to the river. Be careful because some parts are steep and slippery. At the end I fell and almost made a salto mortale. But I am still alive… At the river you have finally a good view on the waterfall which can be very powerful in summertime. The river Rovvejohka drops down 28 meter and ends in the river Skibotnelva.

My brother thought it was a good idea to take a swim at the base of Rovijokfossen. After 3 seconds he returned…the water was so cold.

RovijokfossenTry taking pictures from several viewpoint. From the top of the waterfall you also have a nice view. Back at the parking you can walk under the bridge to a small upper part of Rovijokfossen.

Rovijokfossen is not far away from the Kafjorddalen with the gorgeous Gorzifossen and also (a little further) near the beautiful Reisadalen with the immense Mollisfossen. These are the two most beautiful waterfalls in the north of Norway.

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