(Sababach wasserfall)

The Sababach wasserfall (Sabafall) is an amazing unknown waterfall near Brandstatt, not far from Reutte, in the region Tirol, Austria.

From Branstatt it is a short walk to the beginning of the gorge and the Sababach wasserfall (Sabafall). From the roadside there is a small road/trail (100 meters west of the Chapel). Follow the road and keep left until you reach the river Sababach. After a short while you have got a goof view on the beautiful Sababach wasserfall (Sabafall).

The river Sababach drops down over more then a hundred meters through a narrow gorge.  Sababach wasserfall (Sabafall) cascades down in several steps: the highest is appr 60 meters high.

The Sababach wasserfall (Sabafall) drops to the east-northeast and can best be visited second half in the morning in the early summertime, maybe even in springtime.

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About Sabafall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitEarly summer

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