(Saufonnholet, Saufonnin)

Saufonnfossen is an unofficial named waterfall in the river Saufonngrova. The water of the Saufonnvatnet thunders down over a height of 140 meters, although I suspect that the upper part of the fall isn’t visible.

Saufonnfossen can be found in the Erstadalen/Dale in the municipality of Rauma (More og Romsdal). From Andalsnes you have to drive to Isfjorden over road 64. In Isfjorden take the turn into the Erstadalen over road 179 (to the southeast). At the end of the road follow the river Glutra upstream until you will see the waterfall.

Before you will see Saufonnfossen you walk along an official named waterfall, Gluterfossen. This is a regulated waterfall. At the time we were there there was hardly any water in the river Glutra.

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About Saufonnfossen

RegionMøre og Romsdal

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