Seebachfall (Sulzau)

Seebachfall - SulzauThe Seebachfall is a tall waterfall in the Obersulzbachtal near Sulzau (Wald im Pinzgau) in the region Tirol, Austria.

To reach the Seebachfall you have to drive to the parking lot Hopffeldboden (gps 47.206973, 12.251345) in Sulzau. This is a paid parking but there is no admission for the park. From the parking take the trail into the Obersulzbachtal. If you don’t like a steep hike, you can book a taxi (in advance). As far as I can see there are two taxi services.

A long time ago we tried to bike into the Obersulzbachtal, but the trail was very steep, so we returned to the car….

July 2022 I made a second attempt. This time by foot, without any preparation. The road goes steeply up and my muscles had some difficulties. Nevertheless I went on my legs get used to the steep trail. On the way a taxi went by. The trail is open from May to October.

After exactly 40 minutes I reached the first viewpoint on the Seebachfall at  an altitude of 1400 meters not far from the Berndlalm. In 40 minutes I ascended over 400 meters!!! To be honest, I didn’t stop and and my pace was quite fast.

From the viewpoint on the Seebachfall it is a short walk to the Gamseckfall and the Berndalm. Still you can see the Seebachfall from there.

For the real hikers, you can go on for another 2-2,5 hours to the Sulzsee at an altitude of 2204 meters and a beautiful view on one the highest mountains of Austria the Grossvenediger.

As said before, from the Berndlalm ( a restaurant) you will have a good view on the Seebachfall which has a height of 480 meters. I am not sure if the height is accurate. Most figures are close to 300 meters but when I look at the picture of the Seebachfall I think it more 480 meters then 300 meters.

Best time to visit the Seebachfall is in the morning. When you take pictures you will photograph towards the west (from the Berndlalm a little bit nww). Best season to visit the Seebachfall is the early summer, when the there is an overflow of the Seebachsee. Snow from the mountains will melt quickly when the temperatures will rise. The first three pictures are taken end April or beginning of May, years ago.

Nice to mention is that at the other side of the mountain the most powerful waterfall of Austria, the Krimmler wasserfalle is falling down. The Krimmler wasserfall and the Seebachfall share the same source for the flow of their watercourse!

Nearby there are several other nice waterfalls that can be visited. In the same valley (Obersulzbachtal) the Gamseckfall is falling down, almost in front of the Seebachfall. A little bit deeper in the valley the Foissbachfall can be visited and in the valley next to the Obersulzbachtal there is the amazing Untersulzbachfall (also called Sulzbachfall) with a single drop of 110 meters. Last but not least you have to visit the earlier mentioned Krimmler wasserfalle, the most powerful waterfall in Austria and one of the mightiest waterfalls in Europe.

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  • 26 July 2017 at 15:17

    Thank you for the info. Thanks to it, I opened this waterfall to myself and explored the area around. It was not easy hike from Neukirchen but it was worth it)))


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