Sibli wasserfall

The Sibli wasserfall is a small waterfall south of Rottach-Egger in the region Bayern, Germany.

From Rottach-Egger drive to Enterrottach over the Valepper strasse (Toll) until you reach Moni Alm. There is a parking from which you can reach the Sibli wasserfall in 10-15 minutes. Walk a little back on the road you came from and turn left and start walking to the west . When you reach the river Schiffbach you also be near the Sibli wasserfall. There is a path going right, heading to teh Sibli wasserfall.

The Sibli wasserfall is a 8 meter high single drop waterfall in the river Schiffbach.

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About Sibli wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Germany
Best visitSpring-early summer

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