Siklawica Wodospad

Siklawica wodospad is a beautiful waterfall dropping down over 23 meter in two major stages. Siklawica wodospad is located south of Zakopane in the region Małopolskie, Poland.

From Zakopane drive south to Dolina Strążyska. The road ends at a big parking (gps 49.278826, 19.939044) from where the hike starts. There is only one trail and you can’t mss it. The trail is 2.5 kilometer long and should take 40-50 minutes. Siklawica wodospad is located at the end of the red trail (2 km) and then 0,5 km the yellow trail. At the end you can get a cool drink at the many terraces, a nice place to be.

Siklawica wodospad is one of my favorite waterfall in Poland and looks very beautiful. The river Strazyski drops down over 10 and 13 meter in two (visible) steps. The waterfall is near to one of the most famous mountains in the Polissh Tatry mountain range, Giewont.

Best time to visit Siklawica wodospad is early summer or after heavy rainfall. Because the waterfall is close to Zakopane there are many tourists in the high season. Near the waterfall there was an old hiking trail, from Zakopane to Giewont, but is nowadays closed.

2 thoughts on “Siklawica Wodospad

  • 22 December 2023 at 19:57

    Witam czy dojście do Wodospadu Siklawica jest dostępny teraz aby się przejść ?

    • 22 December 2023 at 20:09

      I am sorry but I don’t know the answer. Maybe you can contact the local tourist information.


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About Siklawica Wodospad

RiverStrazyski Potok
Best visitEarly summer

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