Wielka Siklawa

(Siklawa Wodospad)

Wielka Siklawa or Siklawa Wodospad is one of the better known waterfalls in Poland and is located south of Lysa Polana in the region Małopolskie.

From Bukowina Tatrzańska drive to Lysa Polana and further on to lake Morskie Oko. Halfway to Morskie Oko (at Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicz) there is a (green) trail into the valley of the river Roztoka. Following the river brings you to lake Wielki Staw and the waterfall Wielka Siklawa. The hike takes appr 2 hour.

Wielka Siklawa is the highest waterfall in Poland and is located in the Roztoki Valley. Origin of the waterfall lies at lake  Wielki Staw (one of the most famous mountain lake in the Polish Tatry mountain range).

Siklawa is falling along the wall that is a border between Dolina Pieciu Stawow (Valley of the Five Ponds) and Valley of Roztoki.

Wielka Siklawa is more impressive then it looks like from a distance. The river Roztoka thunders down from lake Wielki Staw over a height of 70 meter. Early in the summer or after heavy rainfall  the river Roztoka can be very powerful, a good time to visit Wielka Siklawa.

Pictures by Sammler and Zofia Brola – Wikpedia

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About Wielka Siklawa

LocationMorskie Oko, Lysa Polana, Bukowina Tatrzańska
Best visitEarly summer, after heavy rainfall

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