Sjurhaugfossen in the river Lærdalselva is a wild waterfall where an huge amount of water tries to find its way through a narrow canyon. The water drops down over 10 meters with a great force over and under bizarre rock formations. A perfect place to take pictures.

Sjurhaugfossen is situated along road 19 between Borgund and Lærdalsoyri. Coming from Borgund you have to turn right just before the Seltatunnel. Signs are pointing to “historic route”. After the turn go directly left where a nice parking is. It isn’t hard to hear the roaring of the water. Sjurhaugfossen is a perfect spot for a picnic.

This is also a popular starting point of one of the most scenic walk in the Lærdal area. Walking west along the river Lærdalselva brings you to the farm Galdane and the base of the Galdanefossen or Soknifossen. The farm Galdane (abandoned since 1947) is a 19th century farm an lies along the old Kongevegen. The trail is signed and the whole roundtrip will take 3,5 hour.

If you don’t want to do the walk you can take the old road for appr. 2 kilometer until you reach a parking and at the other side of the river Galdanefossen or Soknifossen.

Galdanefossen or Soknifossen is quit a respectable waterfall and is over 150 meter high. My laser height meter had some troubles, but I am sure the height is over 150 meter. Probably even a total height of 400 meter. Although the pictures doesn’t show the power and height of the water I really liked this waterfall.

On Internet Galdanefossen is often referred as the Sjurhaugsfossen, with an extra S. But I can’t find any official material to confirm this name.

More information about the hike along the Kongevegen can be found here.

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About Sjurhaugfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionSogn og Fjordane
Height10m +400m
Best visitSummer

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