Skromsfossen is one of the many (small) waterfalls at the Rullestadjuvet, near Rullestad (Etne) in the region Hordaland Norway.

Driving on road E134 between Skare and the Akrafjorden there is an exit to the Rullestadjuvet (there are signs). The road along the gorge Rullestadjuvet is 5,6 kilometer long and ends further on road E134. The ascend is appr 250 meter and there are several rapids and waterfalls in the river Dalelva.

One of them is Skromsfossen and is located near the hamlet Skrumme and is appr. 15 meter high. From the exit at Rullestad there is a parking 3,1 kilometer down the road (at the right side). From here you will have a good view on the waterfall.

The road along teh beautiful Rullestadjuvet is the old E134 traverses through the Gorge and is open for traffic (not during the wintertime). Along the other side of the river you can follow the old Post Road that dates from the 19th century by foot.

The pictures are taken by Pawel Ogrodowczyk when walking the trail Jettegrytene.

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About Skromsfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
LocationSkrumme, Rullestad, Rullestadjuvet
Best visitEarly summer, summer

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