Slap Kozjak

(Slap Veliki Kozjak)

Slap Kozjak is an astonishing beautiful waterfall near Kobarid, northwest of Tolmin, in the region Goriška – Tolmin, Slovenia.

Slap KozjakDriving on road 203 coming from the north (Bovec) take the exit to the right, just before entering the village (before the bridge). At the end of the exit make a sharp turn left. Here you already see a sign “slap Kozjak). Drive under the aqueduct and after a few hundred meters cross the Napoleon Bridge at the right. Over the bridge turn left to Drežnica and park the car after 150 meter at a parking at the right side of the road (at kamp Koren). Coming from Tolmin follow the signs for  Vrsno (going right). Further down the road go right again, now you will signs for Napoleon bridge and slap Kozjak.

In summertime it can be very crowded. July 2017, when we were there, the parking was full and we parked the car in the grass at the trailhead to slap Kozjak, risking a ticket. But there are no other parking spot nearby.

Slap-Kozjak-bee-hivesFrom the parking, walk down the road towards Drežnica for 100 meters until you see a sign for slap Kozjak, pointing to the left. The walk is pleasant and perfect for children. In the beginning you will see a row of cheerful colored beehive and further left there is a suspension bridge over the river Soca. Always nice for taking pictures.

Slap-Kozjak-gorgeJust follow the path passing a small (manmade) cave until you reach a small bridge. This isn’t slap Kozjak yet but it is a nice (unnamed?) waterfall with a single drop of 6 meter. After the bridge go right (there is a sign) and from here I thought I was in heaven. Further on you will walk into a small gorge with amazing contrasts. The gorge is covered with vegetation and moss, but you still see horizontal lines of the rock wall.


You can tale of your shoes and walk through the water towards slap Kozjak or just follow the wooden (manmade) trail into the gorge until you are surprised with an amazing view on slap Kozjak and an emerald colored pool below.

At the time we were there several people came down the waterfall (canyoning). Now you see how high the waterfall is. Slap Kozjak plunges down over 15 meter in a single drop before it ends in an emerald pool. The river Kozjak is tributary of the river Soca and is fed by melting and rain water from the mountain Krnčice (2.142m). It is possible to swim in the pool but the water is very cold!!!

lap-Kozjak-small-waterfall-downstreamThe river Kozjak contains six waterfalls from which only two can be visited (if you are not canyoning). The most beautiful is called Veliki Kozjak (Big Kozjak). The characteristic environment creates a special, romantic atmosphere. The waterfall has eroded an underground chamber in the course of time, the bottom of which is filled by a blue-turquoise more and of which the walls have a layered structure. The contrast of the white waterfall and turquoise lake against the dark walls is very special. A visit to this Veliki Kozjak is very suitable for families with children.

The walk takes approximately 20-30 minutes (1,9 km) and is easy to do. Elevation is appr 100 meter, but my tracking app wasn’t recording very well. It is also possible to start the hike from kamp Lazar, but I don’t now if you can go/park the car near the suspension bridge over the river Soca.

Best time to visit slap Kozjak is from spring (lot of melted snow) to autumn (lot of rain). We arrived at the waterfall later in the afternoon, 3.30 p.m. and the last sunburst reached the waterfall. I think one hour earlier would be better for taking pictures.

If you want to check out the Kozjak canyon you can book a canyoning tour at Kata adventures in Bovec.

There are a lot of other waterfalls in the area of Kobarid but besides slap Kozjak (my favorite) there is one waterfall I really like: Slap Boka. This one is located a little bit north near Bovec.

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About Slap Kozjak

RegionGoriška - Tolmin
Best visitSpring, Autumn, after heavy rainfall

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