Slap Peričnik

(Zgornji Slap Peričnik, Spodnji Slap Peričnik)

Slap Peričnik is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia and is located in the valley of Vrata, near Mojstrana in the region Gorenjska Jesenice. Slap Peričnik is part of the beautiful national park Triglav.

Slap PeričnikWhen driving on road E61 to Kranjska Gora take the exit to Mojstrana. In Mojstrana you have to turn left after the bridge over the river Bistrica. There are already signs to Slap Peričnik. Outside Mojstrana the road becomes a gravel road with some bad maintained parts. After 4.6 kilometer you will see a parking along the road and an information board about Slap Peričnik.

Slap PeričnikAt the river you already see the lower fall of Slap Peričnik (Spodnji ), a 52 meter high single drop waterfall. At the river you will a sign Slap Peričnik. Here a path goes up taking you to the base of the lower waterfall. The trail is not very heavy but the path has an elevation of appr. 100 meter (my tracking app didn’t worked to well). The walk to the first viewpoint only takes 5-10 minutes.

Slap PeričnikSlap Peričnik falls down in two steps: the upper fall is 16 meters high and the lower fall 52 meters. The lower part is the most interesting part and can be viewed from several points. First one in front of the waterfall. From here you can walk behind the waterfall where you have tremendous views on the valley and the water curtain of Slap Peričnik. From behind you can walk further to the side of the waterfall, again with gorgeous views.

We descended a little bit down to a path going to a wooden bridge at the base of Slap Peričnik and returned to the first viewpoint.

We were very lucky because the weather was fine (not a guarantee in the Julian Alps) and the week before it was heavy weather with lots of rain. Good for the volume of waterfalls.

To go to the upper waterfall take the path on the right bank of the river, but the trail is steep and can be slippery. The path goes steep up taking you to the incredible upper part of Slap Peričnik (Zgornji). Here you can walk behind the waterfall having an awesome view on the valley. You will reach the upper part in 15-20 minutes.

After your climbing and walking you can take a refreshment or lunch at the cafe/hut (Koča pri Peričniku) near the parking of Slap Peričnik.

Best time to visit Slap Peričnik is in the morning until early afternoon when the sun still covers the waterfalls. From the opposite hill you also have a great view on Slap Peričnik.

Also nice to know is that the name of the waterfall is derived from the Slovenian verb  “prati” that means “beat”. The water beat on the rocks whit great power.

Slap KozjakThere are many waterfalls in the Julian Alps  and Triglav National Park but my absolute favorite is Slap Kozjak. Not a very big or powerful waterfall but oh so beautiful. From slap Peričnik it is a two hour drive (90 km) but I assure everybody likes this waterfall.

Close by you can find the waterfalls of Martuljkovi at Godz Martuljek, along road 201. I didn’t visit all waterfalls in Slovenia but I am sure we will come back again to enjoy the nature and to visit some other waterfalls.

The region (especially near Bovec) is perfectly suitable for hikes, canyoning and rafting. We did two tours: rafting on the river Soca and canyoning in the Susec gorge (nearby slap Boka). More information you can find at the website of Bovec Rafting Team (recommended).

3 thoughts on “Slap Peričnik

  • 30 August 2019 at 10:24

    I’ve been to the waterfall in august 2019, The past hours it rained a lot, but when I visited the waterfall it wasn’t raining anymore. The 15 minute walk to the waterfall wasn’t long, but it was pretty steep. The waterfall was beautiful, probably the most beatiful in Slovenia. When I visited there where not a lot of tourists. It was very impressive, there was a lot of water and you could walk behind it. I surely recommend you this waterfall.

    To get there it’s simple, from the town at the beginning of the valley you follow te road, first asphalt, later gravel to the parking, it is €3 for 2 hours, but that is worth it. The waterfall itselves is free.


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About Slap Peričnik

RegionGorenjska - Jesenice
Best visitSpring, Autumn, after heavy rainfall

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