Mostnice Slap

(Slap Voje, Slap Šum, Mostniski slap)

Slap Mostnice, also called  Slap Voje or Slap Šum, is one of the many waterfalls in Korita Mostnice (Korita gorge) near lake Bohinj, at Stara Fuzina in the region Gorenjska – Radovljica, Slovenia.

The waterfalls in the river Mostnice are part of the big and beautiful national park Triglav. From Bled drive to Stara Fuzina at the beginning of Lake Bohinj. At the lake turn right. In Stara Fuzina you can park the car, but it is shorter if you keep on following the signs for Korita Mostnice by car. In the village you have to go left and park the car at the end of the road (paid). The road goes further but it is prohibited for cars. By foot take the path going north (not the road).

Slap Mostnice is located at the end of the alpine valley Voje, near the lake. Actually there are three waterfalls worthwhile to mention in the river Mostnica. The largest among them is Slap Voje with a height of 20 meters and ends is in a beautiful green pool. From here the water cascades further down.

The second waterfall in the Mostnice is called Konjski rep (Ponytail) and is 5 meters high. There is also a third waterfall of 5 meters and can ben found in the upper part of the river.

If you want to see the Mostnica Gorge it is best to start the walk from the parking lot in Stara Fuzina. If you park the car at the Planinska koca na Vojah Mountain Hut, the walk is shorter. A marked path leads through the Voje valley. The walk takes appr. 1-1,5 hour and is very beautiful.

There are several great waterfalls around lake Bohinj but the most famous and most beautiful one is located at the end of lake Bohinj and is called slap Savica. A short walk takes you to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia.

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About Mostnice Slap

RegionGorenjska - Radovljica
LocationStara Fužina, Bohinj
Best visitSpring - Autumn

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