(Sleipafossen, Haldorslifossen)

The Sleipefossen, also called Sleipafossen or Haldorslifossen, is an amazing waterfall near Indrefjord in the municipality of Vik/Sogn og Fjordane. The river Sleipe thunders down over 670 meters and is fed by a large lake, Vatnavatni on altitude of 809 meters. After a warm period or heavy rainfall the Sleipefossen can be quite impressive and powerful.

Sleipefossen is an impressing waterfall situated in Tenne and is visible from the road driving from Indrefjord to Nese. From the parking place in the little gravel pit, the way leads first up to the shooting stand. From there, a relativly steep track leads up to the waterfall. The hike takes approximatley 1/2 hour.

I have seen pictures of people walking behind the Sleipefossen, from Tenne there is a trail on the southside of the river Sleipe going up. Somewhere near an altitude of 700-750 meters there must be a sideway to a cave behind the fall.

There are a series of waterfalls next to the Sleipefossen which are even so heigh and even so powerful: Breidfossen, Botnafossen (both in Indrefjord) and some other waterfalls ending in the Arnafjord like Heljefossen.

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About Sleipefossen

RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitSummer-after heavy rainfall

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Hagafossen 23 km
Oyafossen 31 km

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