Sopota Slap

Slap Sopota is a waterfall in the west of Slovenia in the region of the town Tolmin. The waterfall is still unspoiled and isn’t (yet) discovered by tourists. The river falls down over 66 meters, in a single drop and ends in an emerald pool.

Slap Sopota is located west of Podmelec. Just outside Podmelec there are sign for the waterfall. There is a trail into the woods (nice place for a picnic) and after 10 minutes you will reach the waterfall.

The stream of the river Sopota is tiny but the surrounding is very beautiful and worthwhile to visit.

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About Sopota Slap

CountryWaterfalls in Slovenia
RegionGoriška - Tolmin
LocationPodmelec - Tolmin
Best visitSpring - Autumn

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