(Sötefossen, Søtefossen)

It is difficult to explain how beautiful the trail into the Husedalen is. For me it is the most beautiful and exceptional walk in Norway with the Nyastolfossen as one of the many highlights. The Nyastolfossen is located near the popular road R13 at Kinsarvik in the region Hordaland/Norway.

In summertime it is better to park the car before the bridge crossing the river Vivippo. In summertime many vehicles will drive all the way to a small parking lot at the Tveitafossen, and the road is really narrow. It takes a 15-20 minute walk from Vivippo to the first waterfall, Tveitafossen. When you have passed Tveitafossen, you are in Hardangervidda National Park. There is a small sign on the trail.

What I can remember (it is years ago I was there) we took an alternative trail following the river. It is also possible to follow the road.

An extensive description of the hike you can find on the website of Hardangerfjord (thanks to the Kinsarvik tourist office)

Four stunning waterfalls are falling down in the river Kinso where its origin lies on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. The Hardangervidda is the largest mountain plateau in northern Europe on an altitude of 1000-1600 meters.

The first waterfall you will encounter in the Husedalen is the Tveitafossen where the water of the river Kinso thunders down over 103 meters with an enormous power. It is hard to describe how beautiful, gorgeous, impressing this spectacle is. You have to see for yourself.

The second waterfall (after a 30 minute walk) is at least as beautiful as the first one: the Nyastølfossen (sometimes written with an extra s, Nyastølsfossen). This time the river Kinso plunges down over 115 meters. Still making a lot of noise and impressing the spectators.

After these two giants the third one is a little bit smaller but I think more beautiful. The waterfall with the most beautiful name, the Nykkjesøyfossen plunges down over 60 meters. When staying at the river side you will have a really beautiful view on the fall.

The fourth is a twin fall and was the highlight of our tour: the Søtefossen. The river Kinso plunges down over 246 meters in two steps where the upper part is the biggest. When viewing the last pictures of the Søtefossen you will notice how small the person in front of the waterfall is. Then you will feel the power and the grandeur of this fall.

We visited the Husedalen early May when there was still snow at the upper part of the trail, but the weather in May is most of the time better then in summertime. Our trip lasted about 5-6 hours including lunch and time to take pictures.

There are a dozen of other huge and impressing waterfalls nearby. The most impressive ones you don’t have to miss:
SkrikjofossenVøringsfossenSkytjedalsfossen, Vedalsfossen and the Valursfossen.

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About Sotefossen

Best visitEarly summer-summer

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Nykkjesoyfossen 2 km
Nyastolfossen 3 km
Tveitafossen 5 km
Rjukandefoss 11 km
Skrikjofossen 13 km