Stamser wasserfall

The Stamser wasserfall is a popular place to picnic and is easy to reach from Stams, Tirol in Austria.

From the north side of Stams a large suspension bridge brings you to the other side of the river Inn. It is not that easy to get there. From road E60 take the exit Mötz and take road 171 to Stams. Just for Stams, at the roundabout go left and at the end go right. After 50 meter there is a parking along the highway (gps 47.284929, 10.985118). Take the tunnel under the road and you will see a suspension bridge. From here you have to walk for a few minutes until you reach the Stamser wasserfall. Total (oneway) trip should take appr. 5-10 minutes.

Early summertime the Stamser wasserfall changes into a nice and impressive waterfall, plunging down over 2 stages with a total height of 30-40 meter. The Stamser wasserfall falls into a small pool and is perfect for a swim.

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About Stamser wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitEarly summer

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