(Stödnafossen, Stødnafossen)

Stødnafossen, also written as Stödnafossen is an unknown waterfall in Lærdalsoyri, Sogn og Fjordane. In itself peculiar because Stødnafossen is quit a tall waterfall that can be seen from a far distance when driving on road 5. Especially when coming from the south you will have a clear view and will notice the grandeur of this waterfall.

The river Åsaelvi thunders down from an altitude of 875 meters. I estimate that Stødnafossen has a total height of about 260 meters. Stødnafossen waterfall is an officially named waterfall on maps and is named after the farm at the base of the fall, Stødno. Stødno farm and garden lies close up under Flogbratte mountains. More than once the farm was harmed due to rockslides, but most by a big fire.

From Stødno farm a trail goed (steep) up to the top of Stødnafossen but I didn’t notice the path. On the website of Sognefjord you can find more information about activities in the area of Lærdalsoyri.

In spring and (early) summer the river Åsaelvi and Berdøla are fed by melted snow from the mountain tops Bermalsnosi and Høganos.

It is possible to take the the exit at the hospital and drive closer to Stødnafossen. After the bridge (where you have a nice view on the waterfall) turn left towards Stødnafossen and drive to the end of the road where a farm is located. Here you will have a good view on the Stødnafossen photographing towards the north-northwest.

The first five pictures are taken in June or July and the last seven pictures on May 4th 2015. Best time to visit Stødnafossen is in the morning or midday with the sun in the back.

East of Lærdalsoyri (28 kilometers), along road 16, you will find the Borgund stavkyrkje, an old road (“historic route” on the signs) with a gorgeous small gorge (wild water rapid) and the Sjurhaugfossen.

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About Stodnafossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitEarly summer- summer

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