Storseterfossen (or officially Storsæterfossen) is a gorgeous waterfall in Geiranger, More og Romsdal, Norway.

The walk to Storseterfossen is a popular day trip for people staying in Geiranger. It has a reason why the walk to Storseterfossen is popular: the waterfall is easy to reach, you can walk behind the waterfall, on the way to Storseterfossen you have tremendous views and it is the perfect spot for a picnic.

From Geiranger drive (or walk) up road Rv63, direction Grotli and Dalsnibba. After 3 kilometer there is a small road going left, near Hole Hyttecenter. From Hole a narrow road leads to a parking at the farm Vesterås. A nice place with an amazing view over the Geirangerfjord.  It doesn’t happen to much, but when we were there the weather was warm and the drinks and food tasted superb. This was a moment I will never forget.

storseterfossen-signFrom the parking you have to walk back the road for 100 meter until you see a path going left (after the vacation houses). The path is well maintained and easy to do. Most of the path is covered with flat stones (nice to walk on) or is a dust road. There is only one trail and after 25 minutes you already see the top of Storseterfossen. From here it is another 5 minutes until you reach the top of Storseterfossen with an amazing view. Be careful here because here there is no fence! The total descend of the walk is around 200 meter, but if you don’t walk to fast easy to do.

July 2017 I visited Storseterfossen for the second time and again the weather was good. Mostly sunny with temperatures of 17C. I sat on the hill on top of Storseterfossen and I was dreaming of a house at this spot. It seemed to me that was the perfect location for me. In general I always liked Geiranger with several things to do having a nice and cosy atmosphere.

From the top a narrow path leads down behind Storseterfossen. The rail is solid but still you have to keep an eye on children.

On the way back I really wanted to take a photo of Storseterfossen in al its glory. There is no trail with a good viewpoint so I tried to find my way to the edge of the rock wall. Better don’t do this, because it wasn’t without danger. I leaned against a tree hanging over the abyss and quickly shot some pictures.

Storseterfossen is a waterfall in the river Vesteråselva with a single drop of 45 meters, more then I thought before. I always thought it was over 30 meter so I measured the waterfall with my Nikon laser height meter.

Afterwards a visit to the Vesteras restaurant is the reward of a perfect trip. They also rent Hyttes and these are very wanted!

Geiranger kayakGeiranger is a perfect base for day trips, hikes or boat trips. I can recommend the ferry Geiranger-Hellesylt. It wasn’t cheap but again (fourth time) I enjoyed the boat trip. It can be cold because of the wind, so take a jacket with you. If you are with more then two people you also can rent a boat at Grande camping in Geiranger. In two hour time you can make your own trip and it really fun, certainly with children.

A lot of people take their fishing rod with them when renting a boat. It is allowed to fish freely on sea (fjord) and there is a lot of fish in the fjord. Nice for the bbq! I am not really fund of fishing so I bought Salmon in the supermarket (quit cheap in Norway).

It always nice to know which waterfalls there are in the Geirangerfjord. From Geiranger the first waterfall you see at the right side (after the camping site) is Gjerdefossen. If you drive up to Eidsdal there is a parking at the top of the waterfall. Actually the made a art piece going over the water flow.

A little bit further at the right side you will see Bringefossen. Here you already can see the famous Sju Systre (or Dei Sju Systrene also called seven sisters waterfall). Look at the right side of the top of the waterfalls. Here you see several farms.

On the other side of the Fjord you can see Friaren. The legend of the seven sisters is that the seven sisters dance playfully down the mountain, while the suitor, a single waterfall opposite the seven sisters (called Friaren), flirts playfully from across the fjord. The Suitor tried to propose to the seven sisters on the opposite side of the fjord but never succeeded. Nice story.

After the Sju Systre you will see a low volume waterfall at the right side called Brudesløret (Bridal veil) and on the opposite side of the Geirangefjord Ljosurfossen. There are still many named and unnamed waterfall in the Geirangerfjord but these are the significant ones.

Off cause at Hellesylt you will see the Hellesyltfossen. After the ferry arrives in Hellesylt you still have 10 minutes to visit the waterfall.

Other things to do in and around Geiranger:


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About Storseterfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionMøre og Romsdal
Best visitSummer

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