Sundefossen (also named as Sundifossen) is an unknown waterfall near the west entrance of the Folgefonntunnelen at the municipality Kvinnherad/Hordaland. The river Austrepollelva drops down over 500 meters and is fed by the Mysevatn on an altitude of 100 meters.

It is not certain if the Sundefossen flows all year around because of a power plant nearby. From the power plant the west entrance of the Folgefonntunnelen a trail leads to the Mysevatn, following the course of the Austrepollelva at the start. Probably here you will see part of the Sundefossen.

A little bit further towards Sunndal you will find one of the widest waterfalls of Norway, the Furebergsfossen. When time left also get hiking in the Bonhusdalen/Bondhusvatnet where you can find several waterfalls: Kroksfossen and the Brufossen. And near Rosendal is another waterfall you have to visit, the Ringeriksfossen.

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About Sundifossen

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