The Systrandfossen is unknown but gorgeous waterfall at the Fødalsvatnet (municipality Ål i Hol) in the region Buskerud, Norway.

The Systrandfossen isn’t easy to reach. From road 50 near Ål there is a small dustroad going north into the Votndalen and proceeds going to Toviki, along Djupsvatnet. Probably there are signs pointing to Lungsdalshytta, not far from the Systrandfossen.

It is a small dustroad and there is a small amount of toll required. From Toviki you have to walk towards Lungsdalshytta and into the Fødalen. It is 6 kilometer walk which takes appr. 2 hours.

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About Systrandfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RiverX (Fødalsvatnet)
Best visitSummer

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