Szklarki Wodospad

Wodospad Szklarki is a small waterfall in the south of Poland, near the border of the Czech Republic, east of Szklarska Poręba in the region śląskie.

When driving from Szklarska Poręba to Piechowice (road 3) you can’t miss the activity at a parking with several tourist shops. From here a trail starts to Wodospad Szklarki. Parking the car seems to be a problem when it is crowded in the high season.

In 5 minutes time you reach the beautiful Wodospad Szklarki situated over a paved trail going along the river, in a forrest

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About Szklarki Wodospad

LocationSzklarska Poręba - Piechowice
River Szklarka
Best visitSpring, early summer

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