Totes Weib wasserfall

(Wasserfall zum Toten Weib)

Totes Weib wasserfall or Wasserfall zum Toten Weib is a 40 meters high waterfall south of Frein an der Mürz along the Lahnsattel Bundesstrasse (road 23) in the region Steiermark, Austria.

Just after the tunnel you have to park the car. There is small road parallel to the tunnel, where you can walk to the Totes weib wasserfall (Wasserfall zum Toten Weib).

The origin of the name Totes weib wasserfall (Wasserfall zum Toten Weib) is unknown. There are several sages where a woman falls of the cliff at the waterfall and still lies there.

The Totes weib wasserfall (Wasserfall zum Toten Weib) is an unique waterfall fed by a natural spring in the Schneealpenstock. The entrance of the source lies south of the Schneealpenstock.

The Totes weib wasserfall (Wasserfall zum Toten Weib) can be very powerful. The flow of the spring can vary between 30-300 l/sec.

The best time to visit the Totes weib wasserfall (Wasserfall zum Toten Weib) is late spring/early summer, in the afternoon. The Totes weib wasserfall (Wasserfall zum Toten Weib) falls towards the west.

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About Totes Weib wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
RiverX (Mürz)
Best visitSpring-early summer

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