(Treffling wasserfall)

The Trefflingfall or Treffling wasserfall is a nice waterfall with multiple cascades near Puchenstuben in the region of Niederösterreich, Austria.

The Trefflingfall is an official named waterfall located near Brandgegend west of Puchenstuben. There is a small road going from Puchenstuben to Sulzbichl/Brandgegend (L5022-Trefflingfallstrasse II). You can park your cat at the entrance of “naturpark eingang Sulzbichl” (gps 47.919763, 15.240268).

From the entrance there is trail going slightly down to the Trefflingfall that can be reached in approximately 20-30 minutes. There are also official walks to the Trefflingfall from Puchenstuben but these takes more then one hour.

The Trefflingfall cascades doen over 120 meter with some 20 meter jumps. Very nice to see and worthwhile a visit.

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About Trefflingfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationBrandgegend, Puchenstuben
Best visitEarly summer

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