Tungelschuss is one of the tall waterfall near the Lauenensee (Lauenen-Gstaad) in the region Berner Oberland, Switzerland.

From Gstaad drive to Lauenen and further on to the Lauenensee. There is a big parking not far from the lake (gps 46.393780, 7.340637) where you can start your hike. The waterfall Tungelshuss is very close at the parking. When walking to the small Lauenensee you have a tremendous view on the Tungelschuss but you can also walk closer to the base of the waterfall through the forrest.

Lauenen is a perfect spot for short and easy hikes with a picnic at the end at the Lauenensee. When walking the trail that goes around the lake you will have several beautiful views on the Tungelschuss waterfall. With the lake in the foreground, the colors in the meadow and the waterfall in the back this guarantees a Insta worthy picture.

When walking back there is a turn to a bigger and more powerful waterfall the Geltenschuss. Take your time to enjoy the  walk and the beautiful surrounding.

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About Tungelschuss

RegionBerner Oberland

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