Tzoumerka waterfalls

(Καταρράκτες Τζουμέρκων)

The Tzoumerka waterfalls are an amazing twin fall near Kriopigi/Katarraktis (61 km southeast of Ioánnina) in the region Epirus, Greece.

There are several ways to drive to the Tzoumerka waterfalls: drive to Katarraktis and Kriopigi. Proceed following the small road until you arrive at a cafe. Park the car here. You already can see the waterfalls behind the cafe. There is a maintained path between both waterfalls.

I think in springtime these waterfalls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Greece.  The Tzoumerka waterfalls are also quite unique. It doesn’t happen much that two big waterfalls with a singel drop of appr. 50 meter are located so close to each other.

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About Tzoumerka waterfalls

CountryWaterfalls in Greece
LocationKriopigi, Ioánnina, Tzoumerka, Peristeri & Arahthos National Park
Best visitSpring, early summer

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