Panta Vrechei waterfall

(Πάντα Βρέχει)

The Panta Vrechei waterfall (Πάντα Βρέχει) is an extraordinary waterfall near Stournara (Karpenisi) in central Greece. Panta Vrechei means always raining and there is a good reason for this name.

The Panta Vrechei waterfall (Πάντα Βρέχει) is located in a gorge of the river Rema Krikelliotis southwest of Stournara, a small mountain hamlet.

The walk into the gorge starts at the Roskas bridge (gps 38.758931, 21.759493) over the river Rema Krikelliotis , east of the Panta Vrechei gorge. From Karpenisi it is a 1,5-2 hour drive, at the last part over narrow (dust) roads. From the bridge it is a 35-45 minute walk through the river bed to the west. The water flow in the river can differ, even so high that it touches your waist. At the end your effort will be rewarded!

The Panta Vrechei waterfall is one of the most picturesque waterfall in Greece.

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About Panta Vrechei waterfall

CountryWaterfalls in Greece
RegionCentral Greece
LocationStournara, Karpenisi
RiverRema Krikelliotis, Trikeriotis
Best visitEarly summer

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