The Vedalsfossen is an impressive twinfall in the Hjølmodalen near Øvre Eidfjord, municipality Eidfjord/Hordaland. From Øvre Eidfjord there is a very small road (1 car wide) going into the Hjølmodalen, a popular destination for hikes into the Hardangervidda. After 3 kilometers the Vedalsfossen shows up at the west side of the valley, hidden between two ridges.

Here the river Vedalselva plunges down vertically over 200 meters but the water keeps on falling over more then 450 meters which makes this waterfall one of the highest in Hordaland with a total fall of 650 meters.  Only bad thing is that only part of the waterfall is visible.

The waterfall is fed by melting water from the Hardangervidda. The Hardangervidda is the largest mountain plateau in northern Europe on an altitude of 1000-1600 meters with mountain tops of 1900 meters.

Further on into the valley there are two other nice waterfalls: Valursfossen and and the Beraskodalfossen.

Also something you have to do is the trail that lead into the Husedalen.From Kinsarvik (municipality Ullensvang in Hordaland) it is a 5 minute drive over a very narrow road to a parking lot where the trail into the Husedalen starts. Here you can admire 4 huge/powerful waterfalls in the river Kinso (just after eachother):TveitafossenNyastølfossenNykkjesøyfossen and the best at last the Søtefossen.

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About Vedalsfossen

Best visitEarly summer-summer

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Beraskodalfossen 3 km
Valursfossen 3 km
Asfossen 12 km
Vøringsfossen 14 km
Skytjefossen 17 km