Vodopad Kocusa

(Vodopad Koćuša)

Vodopad Kocusa (officially written as Vodopad Koćuša) is a nice waterfall near Veljaci, northwest of Lubuški, in the south west of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From Lubuški drive northwest on road M6 to Grude and the border with Croatia. At Vitina take the exit to Veljaci (road R422). After 1,3 kilometer there is a exit right going to Vodopad Koćuša. After 1 kilometer you have reached “Prirodni vodeni park Koćuša”, a restaurant in front of  Vodopad Koćuša. Here you must have the most amazing view of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There are several small waterfall in the river Trebižat but you can’t miss the biggest one, Vodopad Koćuša. With a height of appr. 5 meter and a wide of 30 meter, a jewel to see.

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About Vodopad Kocusa

CountryWaterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina
RegionNorth west
LocationVeljaci, Lubuški
Best visitSpring

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