Schlatenbach wasserfall


The Schlatenbach wasserfall (Schlatenkeesfall) is a powerful waterfall near Felbertauern/Innergschloss in the region Tirol, Austria. From the Felbertauernstrasse (24 kilomters south of Mittersill), just after the tunnel take the exit to the Matreier Tauernhaus/Innergschloss. Here you have to park your car.

It is a 6 kilometer (60 minutes)  walk until you reach the Schlatenbach wasserfall (Schlatenkeesfall), one of the more powerful waterfalls in summertime in the region.

The Schlatenbach wasserfall (Schlatenkeesfall) is appr 40 meters high and is being fed with melted snow/ice from the glacier Schlatenkees, a glacier with a periphery of 9m2.

Best time to visit the Schlatenbach wasserfall (Schlatenkeesfall) is in summertime. The Schlatenbach wasserfall (Schlatenkeesfall) drops towards the northeast and can best be visited in the morning.

The Schlatenbach wasserfall (Schlatenkeesfall) consists out of two parts the lower and upper Schlatenbach wasserfall. The lower Schlatenbach wasserfall is the most impressive waterfall with a height 0f 40 meters.

Nearby you can find the Lobbenbach wasserfall, Dichtenbach wasserfall and the Keespollachfall.


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About Schlatenbach wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationGschlöss-Matrei (tauernhaus)
Best visitSummer

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