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April 2017, by David Britnell

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland


I arrived at Seljalandsfoss just before sunrise which is great timing for two reasons when shooting a waterfall like this. For one I had the place almost completely to myself, making it very easy to get good wide shots without crowds. Second it meant that the light wasn’t too harsh making for nicer pictures.

Skogafoss, Iceland


I was very fortunate with the timing of my arrival here, the light was just right to create some incredible rainbows in the spray coming from the waterfall. One of my biggest tips for photographing a popular location is to find a different angle to shoot from.

Godafoss, Iceland


Just after sunrise I drove around a corner, saw this waterfall, and knew I had to stop. Something I recommend having for shooting waterfalls is good Polarizing and ND filters.

Dynjandifoss, Iceland


I came across this waterfall just as the sun was setting and decided to spend the night. This is a great option as well if you have time as it allows you to shoot it during sunset and sunrise.

Kirkufjellsfoss, Iceland


This is one of Iceland’s most popular waterfalls and for good reason, it is absolutely beautiful and the neighboring Kirkjufell Mounain is stunning as well. I had scheduled a shoot here with Kyle and Kelly who were on their honeymoon and we had a great time getting some gorgeous and unique shots. Parking is very difficult here so I would recommend allowing plenty of time for a visit.

Bruarfoss, Iceland


This was definitely the most difficult to find but well worth it. The color was stunning and because it was so secluded there weren’t any crowds.

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