Spring 2022: France

Day 1 - Utrecht > Ornans (Jura)- 720 km (8,5 hour drive)
Finally, we can go on holiday without any worries. It is May 2022 and almost all Corona measures have been abolished in France. We decide to start in the Jura and book a hotel in a small town called Ornans. Just big enough for a few hotels and restaurants and a nice base to visit the many waterfalls in the region.

Day 2 - Ornans > Saut du Doubs
The sun is shining and first we visit one of the most popular waterfalls in France near Viller le Lac, Saut du Doubs. Via a free parking you descend steeply and only have to walk a short distance to two different viewpoints. We have no regrets. The River Doubs cascades down with tremendous force and the surroundings are beautiful. This is a waterfall in France that should be on everyone’s list.

After this, it will be difficult to find a better waterfall than Saut du Doubs. Fortunately the one week we spent in France was awesome with many surprises, highlights and a few disappointments. Our visit to Cascade du Lancot, near the convent of Notre dame de Consolation, was a disappointment. There was hardly any water in the waterfall… That was quite disappointing and unexpected. Nevertheless, the surrounding is beautiful and during our walk to Cascade du Lancot we saw another (unknown) waterfall with a lot of water in it. 

The last waterfall we visited was Cascade de Syratus, again quite an unknown waterfall. We had to find out how to drive but finally it was possible to park our car near the base of the waterfall. Many locals where enjoying the beautiful weather and had a picnic. It is difficult to see/enjoy the beauty of this waterfall because you can't walk up. Nevertheless, a nice waterfall.

Day 3/4 - exploring Jura region
These two days we visited quite a lot waterfalls in the Jura. I didn't expect to much of Source de Lison, but it was quite a surprise (that is was so beautiful).It is also a tourist destination and a popular destination for a school trip.

The next day we drove a lot, also  to see some waterfalls in the upper Jura. Sometimes we had bad luck with diversions so that we could not reach some waterfalls or that we had to make a detour of 40 kilometres.

A must to visit are the Cascades du Herisson (highly recommended). Take your time (2-3 hours) and visit all waterfalls. Because we visited the waterfall several times, we only visited the first three waterfalls.

The next stop is Cascade Gorges de Langouette. Easy to reach and a short circular walk takes you along the small gorge. From here we went to Cascade de la Billaude, also easy to reach. There are several viewpoints but it is nice to walk down to the base of the waterfall to take some nice pictures.

The upper Jura was quite disappointing. We couldn't reach the gorge Flumen, there was no water in Chapeau de Gendarme and we drove a lot of kilometers. We managed to visit some smaller waterfalls like the Cascade du Moulin d’Aval.

Day 4-7 -  Lac d'Annecy
After the Jura, something completely different, Lac d’Annecy for relaxing and good food. But also with very beautiful waterfalls in the area. Unfortunately also with several traffic fines, so keep to the speed!!!

On our way to Annecy we made a small detour to visit cascade de Pisse-vache near Bonbois. A very nice waterfall where you can walk behind. Not very powerful but a good waterfall to photograph.

I must say that Annecy is a very beautiful and nice town that we enjoyed a lot. In the morning and early afternoon we visited all kinds of waterfalls and in the afternoon we enjoyed the sun or strolled through the city.

Every day we went out looking for waterfalls. Around Lake Annecy, there are several beautiful waterfalls with Cascade d’Angon as the absolute must-see. It is difficult to explain why, but the river sort of descends into a narrow gorge. The last few hundred metres to the viewpoint are spectacular and particularly beautiful.

Also near the lake you can visit three waterfalls at Balme de Thuy. From the main road you can see one. If you are lucky, a second one appears nearby and the third waterfall (the most beautiful one), Cascade de Morette is located a few hundred meter from the exit to Balme de Thuy. A short walk from the parking brings you to the upper part of the waterfall.

If you don’t mind an hour’s drive, a visit to Cirque de Sainte-Meme is a must. Three massive waterfalls are thundering down in a scenic surrounding. You have to hike up if you want to see them all but you will be rewarded with the most astonishing views. Afterwards a picnic at the meadow in front of the restaurant is heaven, so relaxing (if the sun is shining).

On the way to Cirque de Sainte-Meme there are several other great waterfalls you can visit: Cascade de la Pisserotte (very impressive) or Cascade de Couz (unknown).

The last day we visited Cascade de Glandieu, a very special and picturesque waterfall. 

Further north we where surprised by the Cascade de Cerveyrieu. From the top you will have gorgeous views on the valley and the river is cut out in special shapes, the last few million years!!

The last waterfall we visited, before going home, was the nice Cascade d’Eilloux. Unknown but very nice to see.

This was certainly a week with many beautiful waterfalls, too many to mention them all.