Waterfalls in Slovenia

Waterfalls in SloveniaWaterfalls in Slovenia: I think Slovenia is an unexplored territory for people who are looking for waterfalls and beautiful scenery. Slovenia will not disappoint you. Life is cheap, the weather is usually nice and nature (especially in mountain regions) is versatile and incredibly beautiful.

The Slovenian word for waterfall is “slap” and in the plural ‘slapovi “. Sometimes the word “veliki” is added to a name of a waterfall meaning big.

There are many waterfalls in Slovenia although it isn’t a big country, but Slovenia includes a nice region with a mountainous landscape, on the border with Austria and Italy. Especially the area around Tolmin (Julijska) has many beautiful waterfalls and is easily accessible. The highest mountain in Slovenia is Triglav (2,864 m) in the region Julijska, which is part of the Alps. In the proximity of the border triangle Austria-Slovenia-Italy there are high mountains with multiple peaks over 2.500 meters. This is also the best region to visit with beautiful nature, rivers with emerald green water and many places where you can swim.

Right now I only have 24 waterfalls registered in Slovenia, but I am sure that there must be more. I’ve never been to Slovenia (except transit), but chasing waterfalls in Slovenia is high on my wishlist.

The best time to visit Slovenia is late spring or early summer when it is warmer and rivers are fed with a lot of melted snow from the mountains and feeds all those waterfalls. There are also a number of waterfalls which are best viewed after a period of heavy rain, such as Kloma Slap and Boka slap.

European Waterfalls logo defHighest waterfall in Slovenia

The highest waterfall in Slovenia is slap Boka (136 meters high) and is also a fairly powerful waterfall, worthwhile to visit. Slap Boka is located northwest of Tolmin and is easily accessible and is already visible from the roadside.
Sometimes Kloma Slap is known as the highest waterfall in Slovenia, perhaps not entirely unjustified. Kloma Slap has the highest single drop of 128 meters, and if you count the rest of the cascades you end up with a total height of 183 meters. Unfortunately, the volume of Kloma Slap is quite low and therefore not nearly as impressive as Boka Slap. Kloma Slap is located north of Tolmin.

European Waterfalls logo defBiggest waterfall in Slovenia by volume

Boka Slap is not only the highest waterfall in Slovenia, but is also seen as the most powerful waterfall in Slovenia. Boka slap, near Bovec, has an average volume of 0,3 m3/sec but after heavy rainfall volume can grow an enormous volume of 50-100m3/sec!
If slap Boka really is the most powerful waterfall can be questioned because Savica slap has an average volume of 5m3 sec and in May it increases to 13m3/sec.
If the reference is the maximum volume of a waterfall, then Boka slap indeed is the biggest waterfall in Slovenia in terms of volume.

European Waterfalls logo defMost beautiful waterfall in Slovenia

Even though I haven’t visit Slovenia looking for waterfalls, I think I can judge what I would find the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia on the base of pictures on the Internet. Boka slap is without a doubt one of my favorite waterfalls in Slovenia. Maybe there other waterfalls in a more beautiful setting but it impressed me. Other beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia: Govic slap (if water comes out), the gorgeous Martuljkovi Slapovi, Pericnik slap and finally Savica slap. With any luck, I can figure it out soon and I can tell more about the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia.