Martuljkovi slapovi

(Slap Zgornji, Slap Spodnji)

Martuljkovi slapovi is a nice waterfall in the upper north of Slovenia near the town Gozd Martuljek.

The lower fall is quite spectacular, set in a deep rocky gorge and is about 30 meters high. The upper fall is much higher on the mountain and has cut a deep groove in the rock face.

Martuljkovi slapovi are located at the bottom of the eponymous mountain range and were easy to access from Godz Martuljek (4km east of Kranjska Gora). Today, it is not advisable to follow the footpath by the Martuljek canyon to the falls, as falling rocks make this route perilous. There is a safer way, but the situation in this region can change quickly. Check with local authorities for a safe route to the falls. A probable safe route is from Martuljek heading to Jasenje pasture (Planina Jesenje). After 1400 meters there is a left turn, a footpath downwards. After a few minutes you will reach the lower waterfall.


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About Martuljkovi slapovi

CountryWaterfalls in Slovenia
RegionGorenjska - Jesenice
LocationGozd Martuljek
Best visitSpring