(Rappenlochschlucht wasserfall)

The Alplochschlucht (Alploch) is a natural gorge near Dornbirn in the region Vorarlberg. There is a small waterfall in the gorge with a height of appr. 5 meters.

From Bregenz in the west of Austria drive to Dornbirn. At the east of the city there should be signs heading to the Rappenlochschlucht, 5 kilometers further on.

The Alplochschlucht was formed through a mountain breakdown of the Dornbirn Ache, which still is flowing through the gorge. The gorge is open for tourists and there is a boardwalk for pedestrians.

Further on the Alplochschlucht you will find the Rappenlochschlucht with a nice waterfall of 7 meters high. The two canyons are often associated with each other, since both are developed for tourism and walkable and lie close to each other, although the Rappenlochschlucht is the more well known of the two canyons.

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About Alplochschluchtfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Height5m +7m
Best visitEarly summer