Scheidegger Wasserfälle

(Rickenbacher Wasserfall, Hasenreuter wasserfall)

The Scheidegger wasserfälle are three nice waterfall in the river Rickenbach and are located north of Scheidegg in the region Bayern, Germany.

From Scheidegg drive west over road 308 and turn left to the Scheidegger wasserfälle. There is small sign pointing to the left. Parking is free but you have to pay admission (€ 2 – adult) to visit the waterfalls.

The first waterfall is visible from the parking and when entering the park. This is a rather small waterfall (8-10 meter) but very photogenic. It is also possible to walk behind the waterfall. The view is gorgeous with a pool in front of the waterfall. Waking a little further you have a nice viewpoint with a rapid in front of the 8 meter waterfall. There are several point from where you can take nice pictures.

The second waterfall is the biggest and is also located near the entrance. Near the kiosk you are standing on top of the waterfall but if you keep right there is a nice viewpoint on this second single drop waterfall of Scheidegg. To reach the third waterfall in the river Rickenbach you have to ascend over a lot of stairs before you reach the last Scheidegger wasserfall. From the second fall is takes 5-10 minutes to reach the last one.

The last two waterfalls drop down over 18 and 22 meter creating a nice spectacle, especially after heavy rainfall. Unfortunately most of the summertime the Scheidegger wasserfälle are low volume waterfalls but still nice to see. The surrounding is gorgeous so in every season still worthwhile to visit.

Best time to visit the Scheidegger wasserfälle is after a rainy period, probably late wintertime, early spring or in autumn (but all these periods the park is closed). Entrance is open from June until September (9-17 h).

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About Scheidegger Wasserfälle

LocationScheidegg / Allgäu
Best visitAfter rainfall

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