Bluntau wasserfall


The Bluntau wasserfall also called Bluntaufall is small waterfall in the Bluntautal, not far from Golling in the region Salzburg, Austria. 

From highway A10 take exit 28 Golling. At the end of the road go left to Golling. A little further, at a crossing, you already see the signs for “Bluntautal wasserfall”. Follow the signs now. Just for the “railstation” you have to go left again, over the bridge left again following the signs until you reach a parking. This is a paid parking (€7 day) from where you can start. 

It is a nice walk into the Bluntautal to the Bluntau wasserfall, along the river and two small lakes. After 45 minutes you reach Gasthaus Bärenhof . If you don’t want to walk this end it is also possible to park at Gasthaus Bärenhof (for free!!!).

The signs at Gasthaus Bärenhof are really confusing: there are signs “Bluntau wasserfall 40 min” but a hundred meter further the same sign but…”Bluntau wasserfall 30 min”. As a matter of fact it took us 20 minutes. From the main path there is a yellow sign pointing left to “Bluntau wasserfall”. Cross a small bridge and now walk up (just after the bridge). It doesn’t look like a path, but it is. After a short climb you reach a manmade viewpoint on the Bluntau wasserfall. 

In summertime there isn’t much water in it although the past few weeks it rained frequently in Austria. There is also another viewpoint when walking back again for a few meters until you see a path going right. Here you can see the Bluntau wassserfall from a lower viewpoint.

The surrounding of the Bluntau wasserfall is astonishing and really worthwhile to visit. It is also sometime a little scary with deep cliffs but oh so beautiful, but watch out with children!

Best time to visit the Bluntau wasserfall is early summer when the waterfalls are fed with melted snow. I was at the Bluntau wasserfall in May (a long time ago) and end of July 2020.

Although the Bluntau wasserfall isn’t very spectacular, the valley and nature is astonishing, so I recommend a visit.

From Gasthaus Bärenhof you also can visit another (more spectacular) waterfall, the “Torrener wasserfall“. This is a 25-30 minute walk from Gasthaus Bärenhof .

Nearby, at Golling, you can visit the most beautiful waterfall in the region, Gollingfall/Gollinger wasserfall, a must to visit.

© 6-7th picture Broderick Dyke, Austria

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About Bluntau wasserfall

LocationBluntautal, Golling
Best visitEarly summer

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