Buchenegger wasserfälle

The Buchenegger wasserfälle are located near Steibis and Oberstaufen in the region Bayern in Germany.

You can approach the waterfall either from Steibis or from Oberstaufen. I think I prefer staring in Steibis. From there it is a 30 minute walk, starting southwest on a paved road (Sägmühle). Just follow the path. I think there are also signs pointing to the Buchenegger wasserfälle.

There is an upper part and a lower part of the Buchenegger wasserfälle. The biggest single drop (unterer fall) is appr 5 meter high and has a big pool in front of the waterfall.

The upper part of the Buchenegger wasserfälle is more scenic and has two small drops short after each other.

The Buchenegger wasserfälle are certainly a visit worthwhile and at a warm day a perfect spot for a swim.

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About Buchenegger wasserfälle

LocationSteibis, Oberstaufen
Height5 + 2m
Best visitLate spring, early summer