Cascade Saut du Caplan

Cascade Saut du Caplan is a nice waterfall in the little village of La Motte in the region Alpes cote d’Azur/Var.

La Motte is near the exit to Le Muy (A8). Follow the signs to Draguignan and then La Motte. In La Motte there are signs to the waterfall (Cascade) Saut du Caplan. At the end of the road park the car. From here it is a 10 minute walk.

(Cascade) Saut du Caplan is really worthwhile to visit after rainfall when the volume exceeds to a higher level. The river Nartuby plunges down over appr 25 meters. It seems a little bit less then 25 meters, but figures speak over 25-30 meters.

Not far away from Saut du Caplan you cab find one of the most beautiful waterfalls in France, Cascade de Sillans, west of Salernes.

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About Cascade Saut du Caplan

RegionAlpes cote d'Azur/Var
LocationLa Motte
Best visitWinter-Spring

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