Cenghen, cascata

Cascata Cenghen is gorgeous waterfall near Abbia Lariana in the region Lombardia, Italy.

There are several trails that lead to cascata Cenghen. Most people start form Crebbio/Lombrino, a walk of appr 90 minutes. It is also possible to start from Abbia Lariana. A trail starts from Via per Robbianico and it looks shorter but it has a ascent of 200 meter. This walk should take appr 60 minutes.

Cascata Cenghen is a superb waterfall in a narrow gorge plunging down over 30-45 meter. Down the waterfall there is a small pool, refreshing at warm days.

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About Cenghen, cascata

LocationAbbadia Lariana, Lecco
RiverTorrente Zerba
Best visitSpring

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