Coo, watervallen van

(Cascades de Coo)

The Watervallen van Coo or Cascades de Coo is the most famous waterfall in Belgium. Actually other waterfalls in Belgium aren’t worthwhile mentioning aren’t a waterfall at all.

Belgium is a country where they speak two languages, so the waterfall has two names: one in Dutch “Watervallen van Coo” and one in French “Cascades de Coo”.

Watervallen van Coo or Cascades de Coo are situated in the hamlet of Coo, near Stavelot, in the region Ardennen (Ardenne), Belgium.

The Watervallen van Coo or Cascades de Coo is a strange kind of waterfall because the large waterfall was created by munks in the 17th century. Since then the waterfalls of Coo are well known and nowadays a touristic location with a theme park called Plopsa Coo. Nice for small children.

Nevertheless the Watervallen van Coo or Cascades de Coo is a nice looking waterfall in the river Ambleve with a single drop of 13 meter.

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