Cascade du Nideck

Cascade du NideckCascade du Nideck is a fine and photogenic waterfall near Oberhaslach (not far from Strasbourg) in the region Alsace/Bas Rhin, France.

From Strasbourg drive east over road A352. Take the exit to Oberhaslach and go a little bit further north over road d218. You can’t miss the parking with information signs of cascade du Nideck.

Actually there are two possibilities to walk to cascade du Nideck. Both of the trailheads are located at road d218. I started downstream from cascade du Nideck at Auberge La Cascade du Nideck (gps 48.569021, 7.286613). There are several small parkings and it is quite clear where the trailhead is. After a hundred meter there is a split in the trail but a small sign point to cascade du Nideck. The trail keeps on ascending but it the path is well maintained and it is never steep.

After 15-20 minutes (1,3 km) you will see cascade du Nideck right in front of you. The river (unnamed?) drops down over a cliff in a single drop of 17 meter. In total the waterfall is a little higher, 26 meter.

Cascade du NideckCascade du Nideck isn’t all year around voluminous. Best time to visit cascade du Nideck is after rainfall or in the Autumn. Nevertheless the surrounding is very beautiful and a walk in summertime is very pleasant, even if Cascade du Nideck has a low volume.

When I visited cascade du Nideck the surrounding was gorgeous with a lot of moss, green colors and old red leaves on the ground. The volume was quite respectabel and the waterfall was very photogenic. I was very satisfied with the results.

Cascade du NideckIt is also possible to walk up to the top of Cascade du Nideck. At the left side there is a trail leading to the ruins of chateau du Nideck. When walking further upstream you will reach the source of the river and Maison Forestière du Nideck, along road d218. This is the other trailhead from where you can start walking to cascade du Nideck.

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About Cascade du Nideck

RegionAlsace/Bas Rhin
Best visitAfter rainfall-Autumn

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