Cot, Cascade du

Cascade du Cot is a powerful waterfall in Springtime located along road D922 on the road to cirque du Troumouse. Cirque du Troumouse is a circus created by glaciers and has a diameter of 4 kilometer. Cirque du Troumouse is located southeast of Gedre in the region Midi Pyrenees/Haute Pyrenees, France.

After Auberge le Maillet the waterfall of the river Cot can be seen in the second sharp U-turn in the road. There is no official trial to the waterfall but you can walk towards the base of Cascade du Cot.

The river Clot thunders down with great force and tries to find its way through a narrow gap in the mountains. In springtime a lot of snow melts and feeds the river Cot.

Nearby you can find the more famous cirque du Gavarnie with one of the highest waterfalls in France.

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About Cot, Cascade du

RegionMidi Pyrenees/Haute Pyrenees
RiverRau du Cot (Ruisseau du Cot)
Best visitSpring-early summer

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