Cascade d’Arroudet

(Cascade de Pich-Gaillard)

Cascade d'ArroudetCascade d’Arroudet or Cascade de Pich-Gaillard is one of the more powerful waterfalls in the French Pyrenees. Cascade d’Arroudet can be found between Gèdre and Gavarnie along road D921.

From Lourdes drive to Luz saint Sauveur (nice village) and further to Gèdre/Gavarnie. A few kilometers after Gèdre the waterfall Cascade d’Arroudet shows up at the right side of the road.

From the road side you have a good view on Cascade d’Arroudet. I tried to climb down/up to the fall but that was to dangerous. I have seen pictures of the bottom of the fall, so there should be a possibility to approach the waterfall.

The river Gave d’Aspé has its origin on the mountains Soum d’Aspé and thunders down in a single drop over 60-80 meters.

I think that Cascade d’Arroudet or Cascade de Pich-Gaillard is powerful from springtime until summertime. Best visit the waterfall late in the morning or at noon.

There are a lot of very beautiful waterfalls near the village of Luz Saint Sauveur but the absolute highlight is a trip to la grande cascade de Gavarnie, the biggest and most beautiful waterfall of France.

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About Cascade d’Arroudet

RegionMidi Pyrenees/Haute Pyrenees
RiverGave d'Aspé
Height60m +80m
Best visitEarly summer, late spring

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